Company Profile

First Securities Brokerage Company K.S.C.C (Oula Wasata) was established in October 1985 as a Kuwaiti closed shareholding company, with a paid-up capital of KWD 100,000 & is licensed by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry under license number 350/1985 to practice brokerage activities in Boursa Kuwait and all other Arab & International Markets.
The company is regulated by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) since 2010 and was one of the first companies to be licensed to practice brokerage activities in Boursa Kuwait.
It caters to a wide range of clients, both retail and corporates.
In addition, it provides electronic trading services to its clients via smart phones applications and the company's website.

In 2008, Global Investment House K.S.C.C (Global) acquired 70% of the company's shares and in September 2016, it raised its capital from KWD 3,000,000 to KWD 12,741,470, an increase of 324.72%.

In December 2019, the shareholders’ structure was modified, where Kamco Investment Company K.S.C.P ("Kamco Invest") became the major shareholder of Oula Wasata owning around 93% of the shares, as the result of the merger through amalgamation between Kamco Investment Company K.S.C.P (KAMCO) and Global Investment House Company K.S.C.C (Global).

The company has a wholly owned subsidiary in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Global Investment House JSC (Global Jordan).