In line with Oula’s social responsibility program, Oula Wasata has been for the past four years providing financial support to the Family Nursery Department at the Ministry of Social Affairs. The support was used by the Family Nursery Department to purchase various essential items for the orphans and the elderly. Oula’s contributions stem from being a responsible corporate citizen and aligns with its social objectives to enhance and sustain the development of the community we serve.


The First Securities Brokerage Company visited the "Family Care" and provided them with tents

In light of the ongoing efforts of the First Securities Brokerage Company, and from the perspective of the importance of its role in participating in the promotion of corporate social responsibility, which is linked to a number of high humanitarian standards and contribute to the achievement of society development, the company's policy aims to achieve a balance between its objectives and the objectives of the society and follow the programs and mechanisms that help to highlight its efforts in the field of social work and to carry out voluntary charitable initiatives as required by the general laws and customs. From this standpoint, Mr. Fahad Al-Refae, Chief Executive Officer of the First Securities Brokerage and Mr. Fawaz Al Rowdan, Deputy CEO, visited the Family Care. They were received by Mr. Yahya Al-Dakhil, Director of the Family Care Department in the Ministry of Social Affairs, as well as a number of officials of the care homes, which include the (children's home, girls' home and girls' guesthouse), where they toured the children's home and took part in a fun time, which brought joy to everyone.

Al-Refae stressed that the role of "First Securities Brokerage" comes here, where our true Islam and the Prophet - peace and blessings of Allah be upon him – urged us to find an appropriate share of attention to the orphan. As part of the commitment to the social duties and responsibilities of the company, we contact with the officials of the Family Care Department and coordinate with them to provide some of the requirements required by the company to bring joy and happiness to the hearts of the guests of the homes, as we provided them with three tents for each of (children's home, girls' home and girls' guesthouse) with adequate equipment.


The First Securities Brokerage Company supports "TAMAM" project

The First Securities Brokerage Company announces its support for TAMAM project as part of its social responsibility program. This support is a commitment of the company to play its role towards effective community building as one of the private sector companies to contribute to the improvement and development of the society environment which is facing rapid economic, political, population and cultural changes by providing support and participation in projects and programs that meet their needs and contribute to addressing their various problems.

On this occasion, Fahad Faisal Al-Refae, CEO of the First Securities Brokerage Company, stressed the company's keenness to be a supportive institution for the society. It stems from our belief in the importance of instilling, motivating and educating private sector institutions to fulfill their role towards this responsibility. In this sense, we have taken active steps to participate in charitable activities which are our highest priorities and commitments, as we keep in mind the local issues in our beloved country, Kuwait.

In this regard, the First Securities Brokerage Company in supporting innovative and effective solutions, we participated in the support of the project "TAMAM", where the project conducted a survey on the situation of workers in the State of Kuwait. It found that their salaries are small does not meet the basic needs, and the food they eat is not healthy or clean. Hence, the innovative idea of TAMAM project, which is based on a noble humanitarian goal, in order to provide the simplest human rights by providing economic meals at an appropriate price and help to fill their hunger and at the same time provide them with money they can use in other affairs.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Saleh, the representative of TAMAM project, said that the First Securities Brokerage Company will be sponsoring meals provided by TAMAM site, with the Kuwaiti youth volunteering to distribute them to the workers in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and Amghara. Dr. Al-Saleh praised the importance of awareness of the concept of corporate social responsibility, which was established by the generous care of the First Securities Brokerage Company.