Roles of Stakeholders

The company's internal policy is based on the establishment of rules and procedures that guarantee the protection and recognition of the rights of stakeholders and allow them to receive compensation in the event of violation of any of their rights, as stipulated in the laws issued in this regard, where the policy states that:

  • The right to include the following in each contract between the stakeholders and the company:
    • Measures and mechanisms to be followed in the event of a Party breaching its obligations.
    • Measures relating to the payment of compensation in case of violation of their rights, if any.
  • The right to obtain all of their information in the company's reservation and to deal with confidentiality and due diligence.
  • The right to access relevant company information, which would be fundamental to stakeholders. The level of access is defined in the order between the company and the stakeholders on a case-by-case basis, and this should be documented in the contract between the company and the stakeholders